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Connect Heart & Crowd

Our objetive

Inspire and excite audiences using different formats such as workshops, concerts, conferences and activities that we intervene to build experiences around different themes

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Nosotros somos

el Spaghetti


We achieve our goal thanks to people  talented,  what  have developed a style to passionately communicate, transmit and share a theme

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From conference to experience

We want to do it different but well done!

That is why we work together between the brand, the artist and the agency to build an experience that achieves the Objective or Need of the Organization.

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cool & cool themes
relevant & current

These are the topics that our artists bring, among them we talk about:

creativity, music, art, good living, habitat  conscious , mental health, recognition of emotions, personal development and entrepreneurship.

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Entretenimiento Consciente

Estimulamos los equipos con emoción y creatividad

How can we amplify the message of the brand or company?

If some of our themes or artists resonate with what you are looking to communicate to your collaborators, clients or an audience we help you to do it in the best way, a typical process looks similar to this:

1. We talk about the need of your organization and the audience

2. We make a rain of  ideas  of the  themes and define the objective to achieve

3. We select the theme and define an approach

4. We carry out a casting of artists

5. We build an experience and present it to you to adjust and validate

6. We specify the logistical details

7. We produce and make the event a reality

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