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Daniel Jaramillo

Director of Corporación La Trinidad, an entity dedicated to the conservation of butterflies and pollinators in urban and rural environments.  compensation, through the propagation and planting of functional plants, hand in hand with research processes and environmental education.


With more than 15 years of experience in consulting, research, and execution of environmental and business projects.  To date I have published 3 books on butterflies in Antioquia: Butterflies of Medellín and its strategic ecosystems (2019), Area of Butterflies (2018) and The Butterflies of Eastern Antioquia (2022).  Since 2008 I have been photographing butterflies and insects and to date I have more than fifty thousand photographs with a record of more than 1000 species captured in images in their natural environment, some of which until today may be the only existing photographs of said species.


Workshop facilitator at Conscious Habitats

BichoHunt (field activity)

Functional gardens, you can impact from the balcony of your house to the farm

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